Peter K. Bawa – Professional Bassist

I come from a musical family; my father was a career singer and guitarist who performed all over the world. Here’s a little bit about myself: 

I played some clarinet while in grade school, but didn’t start seriously and formally studying music until I was 21. I studied classical guitar, electric bass, music theory, songwriting, the business of music, and jazz ensemble while in Houston in the 1990s. Then I started performing in bands around town and haven’t looked back since then. 

I’ve played in classic rock bands, country bands, cover/variety/top 40 bands, tribute bands of all kinds, reggae bands, jazz bands, ska bands, folk bands. and “adult contemporary” bands. I’ve played in duos, trios, and large ensembles.

I’ve done everything from coffee shop gigs and bookstores, to private parties and New Years Eves and weddings, to large stages and festivals. I’ve also recorded some albums and singles for other artists.

I play mostly 5-string bass but I also dabble a bit with 6-string. I also play fretless and upright bass. 

The role of the bassist is always the same, regardless of the music or the gig or the band; supporting the music and the band, making the rest of the band sound good while sounding good yourself, knowing what you’re doing and why, and above all, having fun!

Lessons are at my home in San Antonio or virtual. You can purchase a lesson at a time or in bundles of 5; If you purchase 5 lessons up front the 6th lesson is free!

If you want to learn how to play bass, drop me a line! Let me know what you’re thinking and what your goals and desires are. Maybe you want to learn how to play some cover tunes, or maybe you want to learn how to switch from 4-string to 5-string, or maybe you want to learn to read bass clef. We are all lifelong students and it’s never too early or too late to get going. The initial conversations and prep for your bass journey will cost you nothing at all. Let me help you get started!

Sincerely – 

Peter K. Bawa

Bands I’ve Had The Pleasure of Performing & Recording With

Bands and Solo Artists in Houston

  • Bad Dog
  • Goliath
  • Peace Train
  • Orange Crush
  • Todville Road
  • Bayou City Kingfish
  • Texas Limited
  • Melissa Adams
  • Christopher Wilson
  • Brian Arenas
  • John Marin
  • Dodd Michael Lede

In San Antonio

  • The # 2 Specials
  • Dirty White Horse
  • The Grux
  • The Shiny Knights
  • The Unlucky Strikes
  • Box String Duo
  • The Peculiarities
  • Applewhite Road
  • Robert Jericho
  • Angel Zuniga Martinez
  • Lo Fuzz
  • Tony Romero
  • Ty Dillon
  • Mike Ryan
  • Matthew Rose
  • King Pelican
  • Lone Star Soul Band

Here are some shows I played with notable artists

Let’s Book a Show!

Beginner Bass lessons – $59 hr

The Toast

The Jam